why get a sports massage

Why sports massage is for everyone, not just athletes.

Why Sports Massage is for everyone, not just athletes.

Despite what some may think, Sports Massage is suitable for everyone, not just athletes.

Here are our top 5 reasons to get a sports massage :

1) Aches and pains from sitting at a desk or driving all day? Sports massage can help relieve the symptoms of keeping your body in unnatural positions for long hours at a time.

2) Preparing for a sporting event or race? Having a regular sports massage in the run up to an event can improve blood supply, improve flexibility, enhance your performance and reduce the risk of injury to your muscles.

3) Recovering from a sports event or race? Getting a sports massage 24 to 48 hours after your run will help flush your body of the excessive amounts of lactic acid and muscle waste that your body continues to produce in the hours and days after a big sports event.

4) Muscle injury? This occurs when we overdo it or don’t listen to our bodies. A sports massage will break down the scar tissue on the muscle which will hurt (sorry) but will allow the muscles to recover.

5) Aches and pains from repetitive movements at work? Whether you’re typing all day, scanning at a checkout or painting, if you make the same movement for hours on end, your muscles will fatigue. Although stretching can help, sports massage can relieve the tension in those over used muscles.

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