“Maiya offer a great mobile service. Having a professional masseur come to your home is a great treat and when the standard of treatment is so high and targeted at key trigger points it makes for an experience. I have now had 4 treatments from the team and can honestly vouch they are of the highest quality. What stands out is the passion to provide a great treatment or recommend an alternative way of tackling an ache or a headache. Post-treatment I have slept so well and woke refreshed! Give them a go… You won’t be disappointed!”

Mark Culbert


“Maiya therapy is by far the best around. I tried many places before settling for Maiya therapy. I have been focussing on weight loss for almost a year. I use Maiya to relax those aches after all the hard work at the gym. Without Dee’s support through massages, I would have given up and not lost 30kg.”

Yuvi Patel

Uppingham, Leicester

“At my age (over 50) and with my hectic lifestyle I find myself picking up niggling aches and pains. D at Maiya Therapy is excellent at locating the source of my aches and working out the tension. Having used a number of Ayurvedic massage centres and being disappointed I was pleased with the knowledge possessed by D and his ability to use the right level of pressure and movements to relieve my muscle pain. My main muscle aches were around the neck, shoulders and back. Within a few sessions, these were relieved. I now book Maiya Therapy on a regular basis to help keep my ageing muscles in condition so I can continue to enjoy work, gardening and playing squash. I have recommended Maiya Therapy to friends and family and they too have been pleased with the service received. “


Wanlip, Leicester

“Very professional and friendly staff who provide a service that is tailored specifically for your needs. I would highly recommend them to anyone who requires a massage for either health reasons or just for relaxation. Their massages have helped me de-stress on several occasions.”

Bhavesh M

Chelsea, London

“We have become weekly customers a greatly benefit from the very therapeutic massage we receive. Not just about relaxation but targeted therapy. Really convenient too as the service comes to us! Cannot rate the service highly enough and if you suffer from muscular aches and pains – then you really should book and give it a go.”

Tanya & Jonathon

Humberstone, Leicester

“Maiya Therapy is a very professional company with strong communication ethics. They responded to my quote very quickly, with a very reasonable offer. The company kept me up to date via text and were punctual. The masseur was extremely friendly and very knowledgable in his field. I would definitely recommend this company for your massaging needs! :)”

Lauren Greetham

Beaumont Leys, Leicester

“Identified the problem quickly, started concise treatment which tackled the root cause of my discomfort. Noticed a big improvement which has improved my quality of life and wellbeing. Hats off to Maiya keep up the good work.”

Bhav P

Northfields, Leicester

“Before seeing Maiya Therapy I couldn’t make it through a day without feeling an unbearable amount of pain in my back. They came to my house, were professional, understanding, accommodating and quite possibly the best service I have had in this country. I no longer suffer from unbearable pain and am more aware of what causes my pain and how to avoid it. Thank you!”

Michelle Farquhar

(Canadian Student), Leicester University

“Excellent massage, service and price. Maiya treated my back problems which I had for over 10 years with in a course of sessions. I have tried many different companies, therapies and treatments and by far Maiya gives the best service and how can you go wrong as they come to you in the comfort of your own home. Highly recommended and you won’t be disappointed. Upesh Chauhan – Managing Director of The Trophy Parlour.”

Upesh Chauhan

(Director, The Trophy Parlour), Belgrave, Leicester

“Very helpful massage, thanks a lot!”

Jaimal Patel

Oadby, Leicester

“He was able to identify my muscular issues and helped me to identify what to do to help reduce the reoccurrence of these. He was very professionals, but friendly too. He tailored the massage to my needs and comfort level. Outstanding service and will continue to have sessions with him going forward.”

Hitesh Patel

Glenfield, Leicester

“I called Maiya Therapy to see what they could offer me after I injured my shoulder in the gym. They were able to promptly book me in for a sports massage which was at a very competitive rate. The Masseur was friendly and professional, he concentrated on the injured area and gave me stretches to do to help strengthen my shoulder. I noticed an improvement immediately and was very happy with the service I received. “

Chris M

Knighton, Leicester

“Maiya Therapy offer a very professional and effective service. I am a hairdresser and therefore suffer with knots in my back and legs which I now know are caused by a build up of lactic acid. With regular sessions and aftercare advice and exercises from Maiya Therapy, I have been able to reduce the build up. I would recommend Maiya Therapy to anyone.”

Mark Benjamin

Birstall, Leicester

“One of the best physio/therapy services I’ve used! I had a bad shoulder for months and I used Maiya when I was in Leicester. The therapist not only solved the problem but set me on a plan of physio that would enable me to continue my recovery. Very good value for money and definitely would use again.”

Kam Keshwala

Hamilton, Leicester

First massage from Maiya therapy, noticed a big positive difference in the level of discomfort. I would definitely recommend it.”


Syston, Leicester

“Dylan conducts himself in a very professional manner. His rates are competitive with his competition, and his ability to work with his clients’ specific ailments is second to none.”

Neil Proudfoot

(Canadian Student), Leicester University

“I had been suffering with a shoulder problem for months and heard about Maiya Therapy through my gym. I thought I’d give a sports therapy massage a go to try and relieve the pain in my shoulder, as being a heavy gym goer it’s important to have a full range of movement. After my first session I felt a big improvement, and after a few more sessions my shoulder was in full working order, and bearing in mind that my GP couldn’t sort my shoulder out, I was really impressed. You don’t realise how many knots and injuries you’re carrying until you’ve had a few sessions, and your body starts to feel like it should. Highly recommend!”

Ben Madden

Oadby, Leicester

“Very helpful massage, thanks a lot!”

Danny Makula

(Bodybuilder, Hot Bodys Gym), Leicester

“Recently I picked up a shoulder injury through intensive training and the recovery process was taking longer than expected and I heard about Maiya therapy through a friend. The experience was worth it and my shoulder has felt a lot better and I can feel the difference that Maiya therapist has made to my shoulder. I would highly recommend the services that Maiya therapy offers to sports injuries. The service is very professional and friendly, I will definitely use Maiya therapy again if needed. “


Belgrave, Leicester

“Maiya massage is really good. I was having a backache and a friend told me about Maiya massage. He was good at identifying what the problem was, the experience was worth it. After a few meeting with him, I felt better. I would definitely recommend Maiya massage, he is really good at what he does.”

Hope John

Highfields, Leicester

“Very good massage, I would recommend to others, I basically have back problems, in particular so-called “knots” in my back which are painful, I was advised on my back situation, a relevant massage given aiming at the root of the problem. I have been here over 4 times now, and would very much recommend to others!”

Ketan Patel

Humberstone, Leicester

“Amazing! I workout and play sport regularly so arrange to have a sports massage once a month from Maiya therapy. I can definitely say it has enabled me to maintain and gain peak performance by relieving tension in my calves, hamstrings, lats, shoulders and triceps. I am confident in my masseur’s knowledge and ability because when I question him about muscle groups he confidently explains how they work and when I point out muscle strains he explains where the issues may be originating from. He is also able to exert the right amount of pressure to relieve the knots in my muscles. Would definitely recommend Maiya Therapy over any of the Ayurvedic massage centres. He is the best masseur I have found since my original one retired a few years ago.”

Ricky C

Wanlip, Leicester

“Used this service a few weeks back and let’s just say I was very happy with the results after just one session. It’s a very professional and efficient service and great value for money! I’ve already booked a massage for my hubby! “

Bhavica M

Rushey Mead, Leicester

“Very professional service the masseur was very polite and informative about his work. Very experienced and made you feel great”

David Missen

Glenfield, Leicester

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