Introducing K.O.R.E Musculoskeletal Therapy…

Maiya Therapy is excited to announce the introduction of the revolutionary K.O.R.E Musculoskeletal Therapy as an at home treatment in Leicester.

What is K.O.R.E Therapy?

Do you have an on-going health problem, ailment or condition that you’ve sought treatment for with no results? Then this could be the treatment for you….⠀
KORE Therapy differs from most therapies because instead of looking at ‘What’ the problem is, we ascertain ‘Why’ the problem is there and where it is coming from.⠀
For example lower back pain could likely be caused by a pelvic imbalance, or migraines could likely have a neck problem affecting blood flow and nerves into the head which in turn could lead to migraine symptoms. Fatigue, illness, insomnia and pain can all emerge from a historic issue that the body hasn’t managed to deal with apart from burying it for a long time.⠀
KORE’s expertise is in finding & treating the root cause to your suffering and not just dealing just with your symptoms. 

What to Expect from your treatment

Our KORE Musculoskeletal therapist will start the treatment by chatting to you about your health and lifestyle to understand relating influences. You’ll then be asked to lay fully-dressed on a therapy bed while the practitioner assesses different muscles and positioning using a unique, detailed and highly accurate muscle testing diagnosis system. ⠀
Once the weakness or imbalance’s have been identified, a range of clearly targeted interventions and skills taken from the most successful techniques used in both Eastern and Western medicine. Including mobilisation, strong energy releases and cupping therapy. ⠀
At the end of each therapy session the same muscle tests are used to show you that the KORE intervention has immediately made you stronger and therefore the healing process has begun. Your therapist may also offer some lifestyle suggestions to help reduce support all treatment interventions and accelerate your recovery time.⠀

Who can it help?

Some of the common problems that KORE Musculoskeletal massage therapy regularly and successfully can treat include (but are not limited to):
• Sports injuries
• Musculoskeletal issues
• Neck & back pain
• Sciatica
• Frozen shoulder
• Injury prevention
• Skin complaints
• Headaches
• Migraine
• Insomnia
• Fatigue
• Depression
• Stress/anxiety
• Menstrual issues
• Digestive complaints
• IBS/Crohn’s disease
• Sinusitis and more

We are currently only able to offer this treatment to females but will be able to offer this treatment to everyone soon. For more information go to

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