4 Reasons Why Stretching Could Be Your Greatest Fix.

Photo with people stretching.

Do you suffer from back or neck pain? Have you ever had aching muscles or felt stiff after a long period of sitting? Or felt pain in your knees or glute muscles after sitting or standing too long? Well maybe all you need to do is stretch more. Despite what people think, stretching isn’t just for gym and yoga goers, it’s for everybody. Below are 4 reasons why stretching could be your greatest fix.

Why is stretching so important?

1️⃣ Reduced pain and stiffness.

Studies have shown that regular stretching can help decrease stiffness and reduce pain levels, especially in individuals with neck and low back pain.

2️⃣ Improved overall health.

Regular stretching or yoga, which focuses on breathing while stretching, can help reduce blood pressure and heart rate which can help manage stress and muscular tension.

3️⃣ Improved flexibility.

If you work at an office and spend most of the day in front of a computer, it’s important to take regular breaks to stretch your legs and other parts of your body. Constant sitting can lead to rigid muscles and decrease your flexibility over time. It can also lead to back and neck pain.

Stretching causes muscles to create elasticity and warms the tissue, which increases flexibility. Flexible muscles can improve your daily performance. Tasks such as bending down to tie your shoes, walking or lifting can be made easier and less tiring.

4️⃣Reduced risk of injury.

Stretching increases blood flow to your muscles. Blood flowing to your muscles brings nourishment and gets rid of waste products in the muscle tissue. This can help shorten recovery time after exercise and help to prevent muscle related injuries.

Stretching in addition to regular physical exercise and massage can aid your body’s aches and pains as well as your flexibility.

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